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Tailor advising services for your unique path.

Ready to grow your practice, reduce your expenses or take your team to the next level? TDSC advisors work with you to evaluate practice systems, processes and resources, and then create a custom-made comprehensive plan geared to achieve your vision of success. Our results-oriented approach is supported by specific performance-based metrics that measure your achievement.

As part of our practice management services, TDSC experts will be assigned to support you at the right time in your practice's journey.

Practice Advising encompasses all areas of practice operations and management, including scheduling, systems, budgeting, hygiene processes and collections. A practice advisor will provide practice management education and training through personalized, in-office visits and scheduled calls with you or your staff, plus offsite workshops.

Marketing Advising is dedicated to all areas of practice branding and marketing, including strategy, analysis, demographic research, marketing plans and monthly reporting. A marketing advisor will review your office's internal and external marketing practices and provide actionable recommendations, including development of a marketing plan designed to grow your patient base and improve patient engagement, retention and loyalty. In addition, the advisor can provide fee-for-service marketing deliverables to support your overall marketing strategy.

Human Resources Advising supports all areas of human resources (HR) practices, including effective hiring and onboarding, performance management, terminations, compliance, policies and procedures, wage and hour, training and development, compensation and benefits. The HR advisor will execute an HR audit, assist in addressing any compliance issues, complete a customized employment manual, and provide practice-specific advice in all HR issues. In addition, the advisor can provide fee-based recruiting services to assist you in building and retaining a cohesive, effective, productive and happy team.

To determine if Practice Management services are a good fit for your practice, call a TDSC expert at 888.253.1223.