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In 2017, the California Dental Association launched a new company solely focused on helping CDA members navigate the business side of dentistry: The Dentists Service Company.

TDSC specializes in practice management advising and group purchasing, sharing expert insights, buying power and transformative solutions. Built on the strength of CDA’s 27,000 members and nearly 150 years of experience serving them, TDSC empowers dentists to practice on their own terms.

Say hello to results.
Practice Management supports your success with a results-oriented strategic action plan and the expertise of dedicated specialists in human resources, marketing and practice advising. Strengthen financials, streamline operations, grow your patient base, achieve HR compliance and more by tapping into the right resources to realize your practice vision.

Say hello to savings.
TDSC Marketplace leverages the purchasing power of CDA’s large membership to attain better supply pricing for all. Save on 25,000+ dental supplies for your own practice through a single, convenient site. See significant discounts, plus free shipping, as a benefit included in CDA membership.

See the TDSC difference. Come say hello to the practice you want and the path to get there.