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G5 All Purpose Desensitizer Glutaraldehyde
  • G5 is the predictable solution for effective desensitization of Class I and II direct posterior restorations when utilizing 4th and 5th generation adhesives
  • G5 works by coagulating the plasma proteins contained within the dentinal tubule fluid
  • This coagulation forms an initial "plug," eliminating the movement of fluid within the tubules—the root cause of dentinal sensitivity
  • Aqueous, 5% Glutaraldehyde-based desensitizer with 35% HEMA
  • Eliminates post-operative sensitivity in posterior composite restorations
  • Glutaraldehyde with HEMA shows profound in-vivo antibacterial effect that seems to prevent bacterial growth in tooth/restoration interfaces and can produce gap-free margins
  • Eradicates sensitivity under temporary crowns and bridges
  • Desensitizes roots
  • Does not adversely affect the bond strengths of resin cement to dentin
  • Not recommended for use with self-etching cement adhesives
  • Eye protection and rubber dam isolation are essential for use with this product
SKU: 242484-1
MFR #: 226110
Contains: Glutaraldehyde
Size/Volume: 10 ml
SKU: 242484-1
MFR #: 226110
Order this selection: G5 All Purpose Desensitizer Glutaraldehyde, 10 ml

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