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TDSC UPDATES (Sept-2018)
Peer-to-peer recommendations for supply savings
Have you heard the story about the woodcutter who was so busy chopping down trees that he didn’t take time to sharpen his ax? Perhaps you’ve even become a woodcutter in your own practice. It can be challenging to exit the whirlwind of activity to take the steps that make your practice more effective and efficient. Read more >

Proven methods for fine-tuning supply costs
Practices of every size can struggle with bringing variable expenses under control. With the optimal cost of dental drugs and supplies averaging 6 to 8 percent of collections, focused purchasing can have a significant impact on practice efficiency and net operating income. Read more >

Join the TDSC excitement at CDA Presents
CDA’s newest subsidiary, The Dentists Supply Company, is coming to CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in San Francisco. At the Member Benefits Center inside the convention’s exhibit hall, attendees will be able to experience, a site designed to deliver members savings and free shipping on dental supplies. Read more >

Unbranded: The case for alternate dental supplies
In your life outside the practice, you’re constantly confronted with the choice between name brands and alternate brands — from orange juice to cough syrup to tissues to appliances. While you could pay less for one carton of 100 percent juice than you’d pay for another, the idea that you should get “the best” for your sick spouse at home likely sways your choice. Read more >

Communicate clear processes for inventory management
When it comes to inventory management, in addition to assigning accountable individuals to specific roles, be sure that documented expectations are included in your onboarding and training processes. As you organize your inventory system, here are three efficiencies to consider. Read more >

Choose the right people for inventory management
Your team works best when each member’s individual skills have a chance to shine in service to the practice. And while clinical skills may be easy to see, different “soft skills” are also needed for successful practice operations. Read more >

An easy approach for comparing supply prices
Searching for better prices can seem like a daunting process, even with the convenience of 24/7 shopping sites in place of brick-and-mortar stores or paper catalogs. While practices are constantly seeking ways to reduce overhead, it can be hard for staff to find time to research the best value for dental supplies and small equipment. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Jun-2018)
TDSC earns widespread media coverage
TDSC, an e-commerce site that offers discounts on dental supplies for association members in California, is helping to shake up the $10 billion dental equipment market by offering dentists a higher level of control over their supplies. The site, which hit a $1 million milestone in shopper savings in May, is garnering media attention from national dental publications and regional business journals. Read more >

TDSC UPDATES (May-2018) dental supply case studies: three CDA members’ orders
Through, a website designed to deliver group purchasing discounts on dental supplies to CDA members, shoppers are seeing 20 percent average savings compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. For many practices, supplies now commonly equate to 6–7 percent of collections. Read more >

Shoppers and savings are quickly adding up for
The shared strength of organized dentistry supports members in almost every aspect of their professional lives: a louder voice in government, exceptional insurance coverage due to a broad premium base and exciting conventions with hundreds of educational opportunities to serve thousands of attendees. Now, the newest benefit of membership is delivering direct benefits. The TDSC Marketplace, an online source for dental supplies, shares savings that leverage collective buying power. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (May-2018)
How my dental association is shaking up a $10B industry
For years, the dental supply industry has been ripe for disruption. It’s a huge market—a $10-billion one—and the major supply companies have been living out a dream scenario, dominating dental supply purchasing for as long as anyone can remember. Until now. The dental supply industry is now feeling the impact of the e-commerce tsunami that has changed every facet of the retail economy—and organized dentistry. Read more >

TDSC Marketplace on target for $1 million in savings by CDA Presents
When CDA’s subsidiary The Dentists Service Company launched the TDSC Marketplace last year, it was with a bold mission: to deliver practice-changing savings on dental supplies to CDA members. Now the group purchasing benefits realized through are supporting members in reducing overhead and streamlining purchasing operations. Read more >

Strategic shopping for high dollar supplies
When balancing your practice’s dental supply budget, it can seem like there’s never a good time to allocate dollars to upgrade, enhance or add to your equipment. Relatively small equipment can come with a significant price tag. Read more >

Focus on finding savings for your most-used supplies
Also known as “the law of the vital few,” the Pareto principle, named after an Italian economist, is often expressed as 80 percent of effects coming from 20 percent of causes. You’ve likely observed this phenomenon in your own practice — whether it’s a large percentage of revenue coming from a relatively small number of procedures or a high percentage of new patients coming in from one of your many marketing efforts. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Apr-2018)
The TDSC Marketplace and You
When I was a child, we would order our shoes from the Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog. I can remember my mother tracing around my foot to record my footprint on a piece of paper that she would then send to the mail- order company. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Apr-2018)
Savings opportunities within growing dental supply market
Disruption can be defined as a disturbance that interrupts an event, activity or process — and that is exactly what a growing e-commerce site plans on doing to the dental supply purchasing market. Starting in California and branching outward, the state dental association is helping members lower costs associated with dental practices and patient care. Read more >

Improve purchasing decisions by evaluating invoices
Have you taken the time to scrutinize your practice’s dental supply purchasing processes? While it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of appointments and office activity, it’s important to make time to evaluate your ordering choices and opportunities. Read more >

TDSC marks first-year milestone with $500K in member savings
One year after clicking the “place order” button to purchase dental supplies online through The Dentists Service Company’s Marketplace, James Stephens, DDS, added up his 12-month savings — $13,000 total. Stephens, who owns a Palo Alto practice with his wife and business partner Susan Park, DDS, was among the first dentists to test the new TDSC Marketplace in February 2017, and he knew at the time that CDA was about to change the way dentists buy supplies. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Feb-2018)
One-stop shopping equals savings and support
There is nothing better than being complimented on a pair of shoes we got on sale. Nothing. Seeing the word “discount” on a receipt is exhilarating and gives a feeling of true accomplishment. Read more >

Leading the dental practice team through change
While you may not suffer from metathesiophobia, the persistent and unwarranted fear of change, you might still get palpitations when leaving your “comfort zone.” Change can sometimes create feelings of anxiety and insecurity in even the most seasoned dentists and harmonious practice teams. Read more >

California Dental Association Offers Significant Savings on Dental Supplies Through E-commerce Site
The California Dental Association is pleased to announce its offering of online dental supply shopping through its subsidiary, The Dentists Service Company. TDSC offers a group buying program through its e-commerce Marketplace - an easy-to-use online shopping site that leverages the buying power of CDA's 27,000 members to secure significant savings on dental supplies and help dentists lower the overall cost of providing care to their patients. Read more >

How do TDSC Marketplace dental supply selection and savings stack up?
Each practice’s annual dental supply budget is influenced by its size, patient base and technologies, as well as which small equipment is categorized as supplies. Dental supplies have traditionally equated to 4–7 percent of collections. Read more >

TDSC offers dentists more control over their businesses
With a growing diversity in practice models, including an increase in dentists working as employees or contractors and a decrease in practice ownership, there is no denying that the business challenges for dentists across the nation continue to grow as well. Feeling the combined impacts of dental benefit pressures, growing market competition and the rapid expansion of large group practices, CDA members voiced a need for more control. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Jan-2018)
How I compete with that DSO supported office down the street
At a time when dentists nationwide are feeling the impact of dental benefit pressures and growing competition, the California Dental Association (CDA) has responded to member needs by creating a subsidiary called The Dentists Service Company (TDSC). Offering business planning and leadership training, human resources and marketing services, and a new group purchasing program for dental supplies, TDSC empowers dentists by giving them control of their business options. Read more >

Enjoy streamlined dental supplies shopping through the TDSC Marketplace
Built on a commitment to make shopping for dental supplies more convenient and affordable for practices of any size, The Dentists Service Company’s newly developed online shopping site provides an easy-to-use shopping experience while leveraging the buying power of CDA’s 27,000 members to offer significant savings. In addition to free shipping and an average savings of 20 percent, Marketplace shoppers can enjoy a number of features that make purchasing efficient. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Dec-2017)
Dental supply chain e-commerce challenges the status quo
For years, three dental suppliers — Henry Schein Dental, Patterson Dental, and Benco Dental — have held a substantial market share in the dental supply market across the United States. Together, they have roughly 75 percent of the market, the remaining 25 percent is divvied up among regional players around the country. Read more >

Shop for dental supplies with confidence
When The Dentists Service Company launched its online shopping site for dental supplies to CDA members earlier this year, it was with a commitment to make purchasing easier and more affordable for practices of every size. The TDSC Marketplace was also designed to allow dentists and their office staff to procure supplies across categories with confidence in the source and quality of every item. Read more >

Members save on dental supplies through TDSC Marketplace
The savings were so significant the first time Richard Barnes, DDS, and his staff compared dental supply prices on the TDSC Marketplace that they thought there had been a mistake. Barnes, a Visalia dentist with three offices, including a surgery center, compared Marketplace prices to what he regularly paid for supplies and saw a 25 percent savings. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Aug-2017)
Midyear report: The top dental industry trends of 2017 and predictions from the Apex360 editorial advisory board
2017 ISN'T OVER YET, but it’s already brought some big changes to the dental industry. Here’s what the Apex360 Editorial Advisory Board and other industry experts have to say about it, as well as what they see happening in the remaining months this year. Read more >

IN THE NEWS (Jul-2017)
What is The Dentists Service Company
In overwhelming response to the expressed needs of its members, the California Dental Association (CDA) embarked on an enormous endeavor. It created a subsidiary called the Dentists Service Company (TDSC) in 2015. Read more >



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