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Valiant Ph.D. Sure Cap

  • Optimum ratio: 47.25%
  • Spill: 800 mg/731 mg
  • All posterior amalgam restorations
  • Core build-up under PFM restorations
  • High strength
  • Outstanding handling properties
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional smoothness for easy carving and burnishing
  • Low creep and dimensional change
SKU: 390018-1
MFR #: NA6050431
Spill Size: 3 Spill
Color: Blue
Size/Volume: 800 mg
SKU: 390018-1
MFR #: NA6050431
Hazardous Material: Handle with caution Hazardous Material: Handle with caution
3 Spill
Order this selection: Valiant® Ph.D.® Sure Cap, No. 3 Spill, Corrosion Resistance, Exceptional Compresseive Strengths

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