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Goldies Composite FG Carbide Bur

  • A combination of top quality tungsten carbide burs to which is applied a unique permanent .0001" gold-colored titanium nitride coating - are the latest in abrasive technology
  • As a result of the titanium nitride coating process both the "durability" and "performance" of the burs are vastly enhanced
  • Specifically, the coating hardens the carbide surface permitting the cutting edges to remain "sharper" for a longer period of time
  • During operation the coating also acts as a continuous lubricant enabling the "sharper" burs to provide a smoother finish at higher operating speeds
  • Frequently, with uncoated tools, chips will adhere to the tool itself
  • When this happens, the chips are eventually pushed back into the workpiece and a ragged surface finish is the result
  • Chips formed by titanium nitride coated cutters have less tendency to adhere to the tool
  • The smooth cutting action and easy chip flow both contribute to improved surface finishing
SKU: 151408-1
MFR #: 2314
Size Number: D-7902
Sterile: Non-Sterile
Autoclavable: Autoclavable
Reusable/Disposable: Reusable
Shank: FG
Material: Carbide
Application: Trimming & Finishing
Length: 19 mm
SKU: 151408-1
MFR #: 2314
Order this selection: Goldies® Composite D-7902 Carbide Bur, Trimming & Finishing, FG Shank, 12-Blade, Length 19.0 mm

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