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Arti-Sport Highspot Indicator

  • Arti-Spot is a contact color for testing the accurate fit of crowns, inlays, onlays, telescoping crowns and clasps and the friction surface of debris
  • Can be applied with a brush
  • The solvent evaporates in seconds, leaving a thin 3 micro-meter thick film
  • Every contact destroys the color skin exactly at the point of contact—the base material then shines clearly through and high spots can easily be detected
  • Arti-Spot can also be used to test high spots on highly polished occlusal surfaces such as gold or ceramic
  • Can easily be removed after use
SKU: 161186-1
MFR #: BK-85
Color: White
Size/Volume: 15 ml
SKU: 161186-1
MFR #: BK-85
15 ml
Order this selection: Arti-Sport Highspot Indicator, Fit Testing for Metal, Easily Detectable, Easy Removal, 15 ml, White

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