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Kalore Universal Composite Unitip Refill
  • Superior handling; non-sticky, non-slumping, and sculptable
  • Easy polishability, high gloss and sustained luster
  • Wear resistance and excellent durability (due to less shrinkage stress)
  • Simplified shading system; 3 opacities
  • Great chameleon effect and quality of color
  • bis-GMA free
  • Compatible with any resin bonding agent
  • Proprietary filler-matrix interface
  • New, patented monomer technology from DuPont
  • Lowest shrinkage stress of any leading composite*
  • New, patented High Density Radiopaque (HDR) Fillers
SKU: 160264-103
MFR #: 003615
Color: Universal Shade A3
Material: Nanohybrid
Size/Volume: 0.3 gm
SKU: 160264-103
MFR #: 003615
0.3 gm
Order this selection: Kalore Universal Composite Unitip Refill, Shade A3

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