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Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix System Trial Kit
  • Achieve tight accurate contacts, consistently. 
  • Nickel-titanium retaining rings provide consistent tooth separation force and exceptional stability
  • Matrices are shaped to commonly encountered cavity form
  • Wedges are designed for easy placement, stacking and minimized impingement of soft tissue
  • WedgeGuards protect the adjacent tooth from bur damage during prep
  • Ring placement forceps locking function and angled grip arms hold the ring securely for placement
  • Pin Tweezers grip matrices, wedges and wedgeguards for placement and removal control
SKU: 160121-1
MFR #: 659880
Package Contains: 10 Matrices – Size 5.5mm
10 Medium Wedges
10 Medium WedgeGuards
1 Universal Ring; 1 Forceps
1 Pin Tweezers, 5 SureFil ® SDR® flow Compula® Tips-Universal Shade (0.25g ea)
SKU: 160121-1
MFR #: 659880
Order this selection: Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System Trial Kit

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