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Xantasil Alginate Substitute Cartridge Refill
  • Covers all anatomical impression indications
  • More flexibility and convenience for pouring models without time pressure
  • Suitable for delayed pouring without loss of accuracy
  • Allows multiple pours from one impression
  • Improved detail accuracy compared to traditional alginates
  • Can be stored for several weeks
  • Automatic mixing
  • Compatible with the Dynamix speed mixer
  • Excellent void-free, homogenous mix quality
  • Hygienic processing with no dust or clean-up
  • Ready-to-use material saves time as much fewer working steps are required compared to alginates
  • Less waste, dispense just the right amount of material each time
  • High surface quality
  • Optimized gypsum-pouring behavior
  • Minimized trimming of models and polishing of provisionals
  • Low final hardness, high strain in compression
  • Easy to trim the impression
  • Easy mouth removal of the impression
  • Easy model removal from the impression
SKU: 230353-1
MFR #: 66052102
Size/Vol: 50 ml
SKU: 230353-1
MFR #: 66052102
Pharmaceutical: License required
50 ml
Order this selection: Xantasil Alginate Substitute Refill, Fast Set, 50 ml Cartridge

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