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EXAFLEX Putty Standard Pack
  • Dimensional stability
  • Stable in cold sterilization solutionetter flow under pressure without being runny
  • Accurate and easy to work with at eliminating voids
  • Hydrogen scavenger formula allows immediate pour of models
SKU: 232406-1
MFR #: 138301
Set Time: 4:00 Minutes
Material: Vinyl Polysiloxane
Package Contains: 1 - Blue Base, 500 gm
1 - Yellow Catalyst, 500 gm
2 - Scoops
Size: 500 gm
Viscosity: Putty
SKU: 232406-1
MFR #: 138301
500 gm
Order this selection: EXAFLEX Putty Standard Pack, VPS Impression Material, Green, 500 gm

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