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EXABITE II NDS VPS Bite Registration Creme
  • Stacks well; it will not slump or run, creating an easy and neat placement on the occlusal surfaces
  • No tray is required; can be applied directly to the occlusal surface for accurate bite registrations
  • Material offers almost no resistance to closure, allowing patients to occlude in centric without effort; which prevents distortion by eliminating mandible deviation
  • Precise bite registration permits accurate details, articulation and better fitting model
SKU: 232403-101
MFR #: 132418
Set Time: 1:30 Minutes
Package Contains: 8 - Cartridges, 48 ml
48 - Mixing Tips, Green/Blue
Viscosity: Bite Registration
SKU: 232403-101
MFR #: 132418
Bite Registration
48 ml
Order this selection: EXABITE II NDS VPS Bite Registration Creme, Quick Set, 48 ml

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