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Flexitime Xtreme 2 VPS Impression Material Heavy Tray Refill
  • Innovative A-silicone
  • Guarantees precision as well as customized working procedures
  • A unique chemistry that reacts to the warmer temperatures in a patient mouth
  • Begins setting when the tray is placed in the mouth
  • Innovative ATS (Advanced ThermaSense) formulation allows for the variable working time
  • Achieve efficiency with a 30- to 90-second working time
  • Perfectly suited for your more common single unit impressions
  • Enhanced physical properties for increased hydrophilicity,
  • Improved tear strength and greater toughness
  • Impress your patients with a Wild Berry aroma
  • Minimize single unit remakes with the VPS that minimizes deformations and voids
  • Distinguish between viscosities with high-contrast colors
SKU: 230345-1
MFR #: 66044885
Material: Vinyl Polysiloxane
Package Contains: 6 - Heavy Tray Cartridges, 50 ml
18 - Mix Tips
Scent: Wild Berry
Viscosity: Heavy
SKU: 230345-1
MFR #: 66044885
Pharmaceutical: License required
50 ml
Order this selection: Flexitime Xtreme 2 VPS Impression Material Heavy Tray Refill, 50 ml Cartridge

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