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Bosworth Fastray Custom Tray

Supplied by: TDSC-Reno

  • Fastray™ Custom Tray and Acrylic Base Plate Material
  • Includes: 25 lb (11.34 kg) Powder, Blue
  • Powder is Blue, can be used with either Regular or Extra-Fast Liquid
  • Fastray™ is a dimensionally stable, radiopaque, self-curing individual tray and acrylic base plate material available in regular (5 min.) or extra-fast (3 min.) set
  • Fastray™ has no memory and when used with a separator it will not stick to fingers or the model. Available in 3 colors: Blue, Pink and White for different procedures
SKU: 231092-1
Supplier #: 172788
MFR #: 0921429-BLUE
Contains: 1 x 25 lbs of Blue Powder
Material: Powder - Blue
Size/Volume: Powder - 25 lbs
  • This is a stocked item. This product is expected to be delivered in two to three business days.
SKU: 231092-1
MFR #: 0921429-BLUE
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