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Sterisil Straw V2
  • Compatible with any size dental bottle
  • The new Straw V2 design features a Luer Lock fitting, only needing a push and a twist to enable continuous treatment for a whole year
  • Installation and replacement takes only a minute and couldn't be easier with the Luer Lock
  • The tapered top is shaped in a way that will reduce catching on the inside of the bottle during replacement which will help eliminate pulling the tube off of the barb
  • Significantly reduces human error
  • Continual treatment for 365 days
  • EPA-registered to provide ? 10 CFU/ml, 50x lower than the current guidelines
  • Built-in shock kills odor causing bacteria
  • Internal pretreatment reduce impurities in water
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Does not adversely affect composite bond strength
  • Meets BMP compliance and does not contain oxidizers, such as iodine and chlorine, that have shown to release mercury into dental waste water
SKU: 243247-1
MFR #: S365-V2
SKU: 243247-1
MFR #: S365-V2
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