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Luxator L3S Straight Periotome

  • Preserved bone integrity and dramatically less trauma for your patients and their dentition.
  • Luxator®Periotomes are the preferred instruments for performing extractions.
  • Luxator® Periotomes are specially designed periodontal ligament knives with fine tapering blades that compress the alveolar bone, cut the membrane and gently ease the tooth from its socket.
  • The whole operation is performed with a minimum of tissue damage
  • 1. Ergonomic design
  • 2. Atraumatic extraction
  • 3. Maximum tactility
  • 4. Wide range of sizes and shapes
SKU: 250350-1
MFR #: 506340
Blade Shape: Straight Blade
Color: Gray
Dimensions: 3 mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Size Number: L3S 3 mm
Tip Length: 3 mm
Tip Shape: Straight
SKU: 250350-1
MFR #: 506340
Stainless Steel
L3S 3 mm
Order this selection: Luxator® L3S 3 mm Straight Blade Periotome, Gray

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