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ImplaMate Sickle Scaler 6/7 DURALite

  • Introducing ImplaMate™—“The Ultimate in Implant Scaler Technology!"
  • Until now, clinicians have relied on a limited selection of instruments with thick plastic tips to clean implants
  • This is because regular scaler tips made of metals that are dissimilar to titanium (like stainless steel) could scratch the implant and possibly cause rejection
  • Our series of ImplaMate scalers work safely with implants because they are made with the same material—solid titanium
  • Even better, ImplaMate scalers are available in a wide range of familiar patterns that are easy to adapt with no “learning curve"
  • Produced in our DuraLite® ColorRings™ handle, ImplaMate implant scalers will also enable your practice to identify and organize implant hygiene set-ups
  • All tips are color-coded PURPLE for easy identification and to avoid mixing them with stainless scalers and curettes
SKU: 252707-1
Handle Shape: Round
Tip Shape: Curved
Tip Type: Offset Sickle
SKU: 252707-1
Sickle #6/7
DURALite ColorRings-DE
Order this selection: ImplaMate Sickle Scaler #6/7 Double-Ended with DURALite ColorRings Handle

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