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CMI Black 1/2 Plugger/Condenser

  • Anodized aluminum on CMI instruments provides even greater lubricity to virtually eliminate composite sticking.
  • The black coating does not abrade to discolor the restoration.
  • For cleaning and sterilizing: Do not mix unlike metals in the same bag.
  • Simply wipe off CMIs - do not expose to solutions with pH above 8 or containing iodophors.
SKU: 252852-1
MFR #: 1003787
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Tip Shape: 1.55 mm, 2.6 mm
SKU: 252852-1
MFR #: 1003787
Anodized Aluminum
CMI Black 1/2
Order this selection: CMI Black 1/2 Plugger/Condenser, Anodized Aluminum

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