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1 Ochsenbein Chisel
  • Handle #524
  • Chisel is 5mm wide and curved
  • The 1 Ochsenbein Chisel is useful for reshaping bone and to reflect flaps or remove secondary palatal flaps. They are also designed to make secondary sulcular incisions in flap procedures and facilitate removal of remaining fibers on tooth
  • The semi-circular notches are beveled on each side
  • Made from surgical grade stainless steel for longevity and corrosion resistance
  • Choice of chisel (width, length, bend) is dependent on the shape and dimension of the bone ridge
SKU: 250862-1
MFR #: CO1
Handle Shape: 41 Round
Size Number: #1
Tip Type: Ochsenbein
SKU: 250862-1
MFR #: CO1
Stainless Steel
Order this selection: 1 Ochsenbein Periodontal Chisel with 5 mm Working End, Stainless Steel

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