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Ivory ReLeaf Suction Basic Kit
  • 280 degrees of suction
  • Hands-free, high-volume efficiency
  • Soft, comfortable and universal mouthpiece for your patients
  • Simple setup; connects to existing HVE system in 60 seconds
  • Dentistry best hands-free suction solution
  • Innovative, hands-free HVE suction device that conveniently connects to existing dental vacuum systems
  • Assists with evacuation, retraction and maintaining a dry field during various dental and hygiene procedures
  • Latex free and BPA free
  • Easily controls fluid buildup and removal, minimizing risk of choking and gagging
  • Allows for effortless movement and communication without affecting suction
  • Maintain effective suction and dry field during wide array of dental and hygiene procedures
  • Work in all four quadrants with ergonomic comfort and full view of oral cavity - without need to move around
  • Improves clinical outcomes with greater focus on the details that matter
  • Up to 15 minutes of timesaving per patient
  • Frees staff capacity allowing more time to be devoted to other aspects of dental treatment
  • Significantly more cost-effective than most conventional suction solutions
SKU: 360092-1
MFR #: 66075332
Package Contains: 10 - Leaves
1 - Long HVE Hose
1 - Short Quick-Disconnect Hose
1 - U-shaped Connector
SKU: 360092-1
MFR #: 66075332
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