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New Truliner PEMA Denture Corrective Relining Material

  • New Truliner is a PEMA denture corrective relining material
  • New Truliner’s advanced formula reduces stinging and burning sensation which allows for a restoration on a denture’s original fit in as little as 5 minutes
  • Color stability and a high density surface guarantee greater patient satisfaction
  • New Truliner chemically fuses to the denture in 15-20 minutes and is formulated to last up to a year
  • Once cured, rebased surfaces can be trimmed and polished like the original denture without showing a line of demarcation
  • Mixing Ratio: 7.6 ml liquid (1 full glass vial) to 15 ml powder (1 full plastic vial)
  • Tips: Before making a permanent denture reline, treat the tissue with a tissue conditioner such as Softone to eliminate the possibility of the final corrective reline duplicating the disturbed or deformed mucosa caused by the deficient denture
  • Note: New Truliner liquid and powder is NOT interchangeable with Original Truliner liquid and powder
  • New Truliner is a PEMA formula and Original Truliner is a PMMA formula
  • Recommended for use with: Cora-Caine, Glaze, Masque, and Pressure Pot
SKU: 260257-2
MFR #: 921971
Color: Vein
Material: Acrylic
Package Contains: 1 - Powder, 8 oz. (227g)
1 - Liquid, 6 oz. (177 ml)
1 - Bonding Liquid, 1/3 oz. (10 ml)
SKU: 260257-2
MFR #: 921971
Order this selection: New Truliner PEMA Denture Corrective Relining Material, Standard Kit, Vein

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