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Original Truliner PMMA Denture Corrective Relining Material

  • Original Truliner is a PMMA color stable, permanent reline material formulated for extended life (3-5 years)
  • The extremely fine-milled powder cures to a dense consistency and prevents the reline from assuming odors, tastes, or stains
  • Original Truliner is a unique reverse curing acrylic (cures from the inside out) which releases the free monomer before it is inserted in the mouth, eliminating chemical and thermal sensitivity and forming a permanent bond in as little as ten minutes that will not chip or discolor
  • Can also be used for repairs and orthodontic appliances
  • Mixing Ratio: 7.6 ml liquid (1 full glass vial) to 15 ml powder (1 full plastic vial)
  • Tips: Before making a permanent denture reline, treat the tissue with a tissue conditioner such as Bosworth Softone to eliminate the possibility of the final corrective reline duplicating the disturbed or deformed mucosa caused by the deficient denture
  • Note: New Truliner liquid and powder is NOT interchangeable with Original Truliner liquid and powder
  • New Truliner is a PEMA formula and Original Truliner is a PMMA formula
  • Recommended for use with: Cora-Caine, Glaze, Masque, and Pressure Pot
SKU: 260258-3
MFR #: 921945
Color: Clear
Size/Volume: 8 oz
SKU: 260258-3
MFR #: 921945
8 oz
Order this selection: Original Truliner PMMA Denture Corrective Relining Material, Powder, 8 oz, Clear

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