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Diamond D Acrylic Powder and Liquid, Self Cure

  • Advanced natural-looking dentures require artistry as well as technical expertise
  • Diamond D® was specially formulated for exceptional working and handling characteristics for anatomic sculpting
  • This revolutionary new resin has just the right translucency and color variations found in natural tissue as well as ultra impact and flexural strength
  • The demand for function and aesthetics in dental fabrication is growing
  • Diamond D® can help you take your business to a new level
  • Diamond D Heat Cure Acrylic is certified as Class IIa in Europe and is approved for permanent prosthetic use with implants
SKU: 260323-2
MFR #: 1013074
Color: Light
Cure: Self
Material: Acrylic
Package Contains: 1 - Powder, 1 lb (0.45 kg)
1 - Liquid, 8 oz (0.25 litre)
SKU: 260323-2
MFR #: 1013074
Order this selection: Diamond D High Impact Acrylic Powder and Liquid, Self Cure, Light Shade

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