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GC Fujirock EP Type 4 Dental Stone, 5 kg

  • The new Premium Line of GC FUJIROCK EP was developed for high performance techniques such as extended implant works and complex full ceramic indications. The improved powder composition and refined color setting makes it the ideal stone for a variety of applications. For high demanding cases, the model should perform in every stage of the workflow: wax modelling, gingiva masks, digital scanning, finishing and polishing; the stone model is the fundament of your quality. And last but not least, it is the business card of your laboratory when you present your high esthetical jobs to the patient.
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Short mixing time (about 1 min)
  • Extended working time (over 8 min)
  • Short setting time (only 12 min)
  • Removable from cast after just 30 min
  • Highly fluid thixotropic properties allowing precise detail reproduction
  • Low expansion (less than 0.08%)
  • Immediate stability for a perfect fit with the prosthesis
SKU: 260362-1
MFR #: 890222
Color: Golden brown
Material: Powder
Size: 5 kg
SKU: 260362-1
MFR #: 890222
Golden brown
5 kg
Order this selection: GC Fujirock® EP Type 4 Dental Stone, 5 kg, Golden Brown

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