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High Heat Soldering Investments

  • HI-HEAT Soldering Investment is a gypsum-bound investment that is ideal for any soldering job that requires the use of an oxygen-gas torch, or where an unusually fine and smooth soldering investment is wanted. Excellent for use with high-fusing ceramic alloys for both the pre- and post-soldering technique. Can also be used for soldering precision attachments.
  • Multi-purpose SOLDERING INVESTMENT is ideal for soldering all types of dental alloys, including chrome-cobalt. Its fine texture mixes readily with water to a smooth, stackable consistency that invests easily. Heat-shock resistance and high strength enable it to withstand being dried out or flushed with boiling water. This improved soldering investment is strong, yet easy to devest. Hi-Heat for high-fusing precious metals
  • Flows freely into smallest crevice
  • Stacks and molds easily
  • Sets moderately fast
  • Trims smoothly
  • Withstands rapid drying out
  • Working time, 2-4 minutes
  • Ready for dewaxing (minimum), 20 minutes
  • Setting expansion, 0.20%
SKU: 260456-1
MFR #: 01546
Material: Powder
Size: 4.5 lb
SKU: 260456-1
MFR #: 01546
4 1/2 lbs
Order this selection: High Heat Soldering Investments , 4 1/2 lb

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