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Modern Materials Periphery Wax
  • Specially Formulated for Hydrocolloid impressions
  • Uses: Impressions, covering brackets and wires
  • Specially formulated for Hydrocolloid impressions Wax for protecting soft tissue from the periphery of the Blue for visibility
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Can be used to post dam a tray or as a stop
  • Sticky enough to adhere without softening 
  • Can be used with hydrocolloid higher melting range 
  • Not too sticky to remove cleanly impression tray, to extend or post dam impression trays
SKU: 260915-1
MFR #: 50092189
Contains: Beeswax, Hydrocarbon and Paraffin waxes, Hydrocarbon waxes, Microcryst, Gum Damar and Carnauba wax.
Size/Volume: 1 lb
SKU: 260915-1
MFR #: 50092189
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