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Prophy Cup, Latch Mandrel
  • AllPro® Prophy Cups for Every Need
  • Includes: Bag of 144 x Latch Mandrel, Ribbed and Webbed, Soft Aqua Unscented Prophy Cups
  • Due to increased allergies from latex products, AllPro has developed a non-latex prophy cup to better protect staff and patients
  • These new cups clean, polish and perform like natural rubber cups
  • In fact, Hygienists tell us they can’t tell the difference
  • All styles are now available in the new non-latex material
  • AllPro continues to produce the widest variety of prophy cups in the world
  • Now available in Strawberry and Vanilla scents to mask the smell of prophy cups
SKU: 310383-1
MFR #: 402-S
Attachment Type: Latch Mandrel Type
Color: Aqua
Latex Content: Non-Latex
Scent: Unscented
Tip flexibility: Soft
Tip Style: Ribbed & webbed
SKU: 310383-1
MFR #: 402-S
Order this selection: Prophy Cup Non-Latex Latch Mandrel, Ribbed and Webbed, Soft Aqua, Unscented

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