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Surgical Specialties Corp
LOOK Reverse Cutting Absorbable Sutures, Chromic Gut

Supplied by: TDSC-Reno

  • For use with Reverse Cutting needle
SKU: 343001-1
Supplier #: 153314
MFR #: 560B
Material: Chromic Gut
Shape: 3/8 Circle
Size: 3-0 / C-6 / 27"
  • This is a stocked item. This product is expected to be delivered in two to three business days.
SKU: 343001-1
MFR #: 560B
Fast Delivery Pharmaceutical: Dental license required
3/8 Circle
Chromic Gut Suture
Order this selection: Chromic Gut Sutures, 3-0, 27", Reverse Cutting, 3/8 Circle
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