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  • A light-cured glass ionomer that is used as a liner or a base under composite resin or amalgam restorations
  • It has a high-compressive strength, minimal polymerization shrinkage and extremely low solubility
  • Minimizes sensitivity and provides long-term fluoride release
  • It bonds well to the tooth structure and composite, creating the an ideal dentin substitute
  • This product also flexes and absorbs the stresses caused by the polymerization shrinkage, thermal expansion, and contraction of composite materials
SKU: 140051-101
MFR #: 000021
Cure: Light Cure
Material: Glass Ionomer
Light Type: Radiopaque
Package Contains: 1 - Bottle of Powder, 10 gm
1 - Bottle of Liguid, 6.8 ml
SKU: 140051-101
MFR #: 000021
Glass Ionomer
Order this selection: Fuji LINING LC, Radiopaque Lining Material, 1:1 Intro Package, Powder/Liquid

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