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Royale High Copper Amalgam Alloy

Supplied by: TDSC-Reno

  • Zenith Royale High Copper Dispersed Phase Alloy provides an early high strength,demonstrating the superb handling of a dispersed phase and the smooth carve of a spherical
  • It reduces the chance of early breakage due to its high early strength
  • With the self-activating capsule there is no need for pinching or twisting to open the capsule and it is a one-step trituration without the use of an activator tool
  • You can easily differentiate between types and spills with the color-coded capsules
  • Property Value Metal Composition: 41% Silver, 32.5% Tin, 26.5% Copper Formulation: 100% Blended Spherical Alloy Mercury Ratio: 50% Alloy, 50% Mercury Compressive Strength: 1 Hour Strength: 30,000 psi, 24 Hour Strength: 65,000 psi Static Creep: 0.3% Dimensional Change: ± 2 microns/cm
SKU: 390079-1
Supplier #: 179669
MFR #: 65008
Spill Size: Double Spill
Color: Blue
Size/Vol: 600 MG
  • This is a stocked item. This product is expected to be delivered in two to three business days.
SKU: 390079-1
MFR #: 65008
Fast Delivery Hazardous Material: Handle with caution Pharmaceutical: License Required
Double Spill
Order this selection: Royale High Copper Dispersed Phase Amalgam Alloy, Fast Set, Double Spill Cap, Self-Activating, Dark Blue/Navy Blue
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