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SlickGel ES Canal Lubricant

  • Unlike syringes or jars, single-use SlickGel ES polytubes do not require disinfection after each use, reducing cross contamination
  • EDTA helps soften calcifications and aids in negotiating the root canal system
  • In an aqueous solution, EDTA is smooth, not grainy
  • Superior lubricating properties aid root canal negotiation
  • SlickGel ES is easily flushed from the canal system and does not contain waxy fillers that might block lateral canals
  • With a gentle squeeze of the polytube, SlickGel ES can be conveniently delivered directly to the root canal chamber
  • Each 1 ml SlickGel ES polytube contains enough gel for cases involving multiple root canals
  • Sodium hypochlorite irrigants react with SlickGel ES's urea peroxide to produce vigorous bubbling action that helps flush debris from the root canal system
SKU: 200234-101
MFR #: 973-1015
Size/Volume: 12 - 1 ml Cannules
Specialty: Endodontics
SKU: 200234-101
MFR #: 973-1015
1 ml
Order this selection: SlickGel ES Canal Lubricant, 1 ml

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